Apr 2, 2011

Colors For Fashion Jewelry for Spring

Fashion designers have long separated colors into two different camps or spectrums. Colors on the red side of the spectrum are considered warm colors which includes reds, oranges and yellows. While colors on the blue side of the spectrum are called cold or cool colors and include blues, purples and greens. And like fashionable clothing, fashion jewelry also follows the rules of hot and cool colors. Pink is perhaps the strongest color to come of Fashion Week this spring, followed by multi-shades of lavender, blue, yellow and orange. These colors are translated into some fantastic looking fashion jewelry with the help of such luscious stones as pink Cubic Zirconia, pink tourmaline, blue sapphire, orange Cubic Zirconia, yellow citrine and even a lavender or royal purple amethyst. The Warm Colors for Spring Fashion Jewelry Two warm colors that were - hmm, excuse the pun - hot during fashion week were orange and yellow. Citrine in its natural state has a lovely pale yellow to pale orange color. For a deeper yellow or orange shade, natural gemstones are heat-treated to bring out a darker, richer yellow or orange color. The Cool Colors for Spring Fashion Jewelry This spring's cool colors are tropical blue and lavender. Few gemstones hold the seductive and mystic power amethyst. While pink is the clear winner in colors for year, in fashion jewelry it can be either a cool or warm color. If it has a purple or blue undertone is a cool color. Click here to learn everything you need to know to start making your own beautiful handcrafted jewelry in this amazing How To book.

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