Feb 22, 2010

Warning: Tricky Jewellers Are On The Loose

You have saved for years for this diamond ring. Now you think it is time that you have enough to buy your partner a diamond ring for engagement. Wouldn't it be so frustrating to learn in the end, that what you got is just a cheap fake diamond ring? Some jewellers are just so good they could pull this trick together without anyone suspecting.

When you are on a quest to buy that perfect diamond ring, you must be extra careful. Open your eyes and dont be a victim of the controversial diamond scam. Some jewellers even appear harmless but within their innocence lies a vicious person who simply want to get money from you.

Avoiding Diamond Scams

Beware of jewellers who don't tell you honestly about the stone. Some will bedazzled the buyers by giving details about the carats but it isn't the carats alone that matters. You should also ask for the weight of each stone when separated from the center diamond. They ought to know this if they want to give their customers the most honest information.

Some jewellers will offer an affordable diamond ring and advertise it. But if you ask them about it, they will offer you something else most probably more expensive. This is a scam that is prevalent even with other types of products and services. To avoid this scam, don't give in to their persuasions. Just request for the ring that they have advertised and if they can't give you that, it only follows that it is just a tricky ad.

Some jewellers display their diamond rings under bright lights. This makes the diamonds look so sparkling. But if you try to get them off the bright lights and look at them under sunlight, the sparks are gone. Don't be fooled by this type of trick; otherwise, you may end up buying a fake diamond.

Protect Yourself From Jeweller's Tricks

It pays off to read about diamonds yourself. When you know what genuine diamonds are, you will be able to easily distinguish the real from the fakes. It will also be easy for you to judge the quality of the diamond in the ring.

Some jewellers will find ways to earn more money even at your expense. Don't let them do this to you. Beat them at their own game. Now that you know their common tricks, it will be easier for you to beat them.

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