Feb 22, 2010

Gold Karats FAQ part 3 – how to tell the difference between real gold and fake gold.

The final part (part 3) of this guide will explain how to test if gold is genuine or is gold plated. It doesn’t matter if you bought it from a regular jewelry store, online jewelry store or the markets, there is a lot of jewelry out there that is said to be what it’s not.

It’s not just fake gold you need to look out for. Some sellers prey on consumers that don’t know the difference between gold plated jewellery, gold filled jewelry and solid gold jewellery. There are 3 other parts to my Gold Karats FAQ Guide. The other two parts can be found at my website which is listed at the end of this article.

Understand the terms

To learn about these differences go to Gold Karats FAQ guide parts 1 & 2.

Understanding how to test gold and the different types of gold will help avoid paying too much for your next piece of fine karat gold jewelry at an online jewelry store or an offline fine jewelry store.

The first thing you should do is educate yourself about the differences between gold plated and gold filled jewellery. Then you will at least be able to ask the seller and understand what these terms mean.

The easiest way to test gold.

I would say that the most reliable and easiest way to test if you have real gold is to take it to a jewellery store. Some online jewellery stores may also offer this service.

Testing Gold Yourself:

Electronic Gold Tester These start at around US$100 and can be found by searching the internet for ‘gold tester’. To do this test you buy an electronic tester. It normally involves putting a clip onto the item and then placing the item in an acid. The tester then tells you what karat of gold it is.

This is a non-destructive test and can be accurate depending on the money spent on the tester.

Using a Testing Stone You can also buy these for around US$60. You rub the jewelry on the test stone leaving tiny fraction of the gold behind.

You then rub a gold test needle onto the stone near the gold sample. After this, you apply the appropriate acid as directed. If it is gold is will dissolve.

Acid Test this is reliable too. This allows you to distinguish if the piece is solid karat gold or just gold plated.

Using a very small file, file into the jewellery. Choose a spot which is inconspicuous. You then apply the appropriate acid. The gold will react to the acid. The kit will have instructions as to the reaction you are looking for.

Acids are very dangerous and the appropriate precautions should always be taken. This advice is of a general nature. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before attempting these tests. Most online jewelry stores won’t ship these kits overseas as the acids are dangerous chemicals.

Gold Karats FAQ part 2 Conclusion

I hope you’ve learnt a lot from this gold karats FAQ guide.

In Gold Karats FAQ guide part 3, learn how to avoid getting ripped off learn to test what is real gold and what is fake.

If you missed Gold Karats FAQ Guide part 1 I discussed what karat gold is, what fine gold is, what solid gold is and what hallmarks are.

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