Feb 23, 2010

Diamond Solitaire Ring

A diamond solitaire ring is a ring with only one diamond and nothing else to distract the attention from that magnificent solitaire stone. A solitaire ring loves to seek attention by its wearer, and not crowded by its competitors as, a solitaire enjoys standing all by itself well grounded in the ring and boosting its beauty to its wearer. Solitaire diamond represents ultimate in jewelry, so the size of a solitaire has to big to stand and jut out from others. Solitaire is a summary of magical and divine love. A diamond solitaire is well known for its clarity, cut, setting and its modesty yet aggressiveness. It strives to make a direct place in your heart by cutting down the competitions from all the sides; it loves to fight for its dignity and right. A solitaire diamond ring is timeless and classic when a single stone is placed in a ring, which makes the ring simple, elegant and comes in a variety of shapes to complement any woman's fashion sense. The solitaire ring will glorify the beauty of the diamond, so the size of the solitaire plays a very important role and it has to be in proportion to the size of the bride. The solitaire is the traditional ring style but you can find a great variety within the shape of the stone and the color of the setting. Round cuts are probably the most popular and are always in style but there are others to choose from too. The shape you choose is purely a matter of personal taste.

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