Feb 23, 2010

Diamond Body Jewelry

Body piercing jewelry rapidly became a very popular category of jewelry. But with the growing demand of body jewelry and rise in quality standards, better materials like gold and diamonds are being increasingly used to make unique body jewelry. Diamond body jewelry is trendy, attractive and fashionable at the same time. It definitely is a trend setter and many stars and celebrities sport unique forms of diamond jewelry like diamond barbells, diamond navel jewelry etc. Diamonds for Diamond body jewelry The quality of diamond body jewelry is accessed by the jewelry style and more importantly, the diamond used just as with other jewelry. To assess the quality of the diamond body jewelry, you should know the Four C's of a diamond: Cut of the diamond: This characteristic determines a diamond’s facets and thus its brilliance. The cut of the diamond used in your diamond body jewelry does not concern the shape of the diamond really but more the uniformity of facets, design and placement of facets, its width and depth. Clarity of the diamond: Pure diamonds are perfectly clear. But, it is very difficult to find or afford such diamonds as most of the flaws are visible only through a powerful magnifying glass. Clarity is rated on a set scale so that each diamond can be compared to another without much technical knowledge at all. Carat Weight of the diamond: Carat weight partially determines the price of your diamond body jewelry just as the color and clarity play roles in the price. Naturally the carat weight refers to the actual weight and also the approximate size of the diamond. Color of the diamond: Diamonds are available in many different shades of color depending on the impurities it has. A pure diamond is colorless and transparent and high priced. Mostly the color range is from clear to yellow when talking about a genuine diamond. Diamonds are known for their physical properties like: Crystal structure Diamonds have a crystal structure and consist of tetrahedral bonded carbon which gives it the kind of properties it has, such as hardness, toughness, and a high refractive index. Hardness Diamonds are the hardest material known. They are used in industries for cutting and grinding as well as in diamond body jewelry worn by a beautiful woman. They can help in cutting, polishing and wearing away any other materials due to their own hardness. Diamonds are very suitable for making diamond body jewelry as they cannot be scratched, have a fine luster and maintain their polish for a long time. Toughness The obvious toughness of diamonds virtually prevent its from breakage or damage. High refractive index (i.e. high dispersion of light) This property of diamonds gives it the luster and the gemstone sparkle characteristics. Diamond Body Jewelry Due to the above mentioned factors, diamonds have been increasingly used to make diamond body jewelry to adorn the body and enhance beauty like diamond nipple rings, diamond earrings, diamond barbells, diamond navel jewelry etc. Diamond body jewelry is a statement of elegance and fashion. Diamond body jewelry is a must have for all body piercing jewelry fans. The Chain Gang has a huge collection of high quality designer diamond nipple jewelry, diamond navel jewelry and diamond barbells of all kinds. # The diamonds used in our diamond body jewelry are shipped from diamond mines of South Africa, and all hand picked in the famous Diamond District of New York. These diamonds are then set into 14K nickel free yellow gold or white gold by our highly experienced jewelers and gemologists for making the most exquisite and unique diamond body jewelry pieces available. # We prefer using high grade stones for making our diamond body jewelry. But, lower grades are also available. # We are very quality conscious and thus, do not stock low grade stones at all, but will be happy to custom order them for you if needed. # We can replace the cubic zircons in any of our 14K Gold pieces for genuine diamonds or any other genuine stone as well, such as Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald.

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